where we work

The Filipino children-at-risk — they are still the most vulnerable members of the society, open to hurts, pains, and deprivation. Theirs are the voices often left unheard, whose lives are often overlooked. They remain in the sidelines waiting for a ray of light that will offer them hope for a better life.

Alay Pag-asa means "gift of hope". Alay Pag-asa offers hope from the true source of hope —  Jesus Christ.


     “Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless;

      maintain the rights of the poor and

      oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy;

      deliver them from the hands of the wicked.”


                                                   (Psalms 82:3,4)


Our concern are the children-at-risk, the most vulnerable sector of the Philippine society. The organization’s hope is for them to grow up reaching their full human potential in a society where human rights are respected, where democracy flourishes, and where poverty is no longer an insurmountable barrier to human progress.